Custom Truck Systems


The Ultimate in Plunge Cut Truck Systems

  • Unique True Innovation
  • Strength and Durability
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance 
  • Self Leveling Head Insures Accuracy



The Ideal PROVEN Money Maker

  • Over-Built for Strength and Durability that is Non-Comparable to Anything Available
  • We literally had Cars crash into these units with little damage to unit
  • Ground Breaking Creative Designs, Tailor Made for You
  • Ease of Use – Making well over 1,000 cuts per shift and operators are HAPPY and rested AFTER their productive day ends

Fantastic Features and Detail

  • Custom Designs let YOU into the design room – Build it HOW YOU’D LIKE IT and where you’d like to set up
  • Air Card Option – Sends data back to the Home Office to the Supervisors Desk – Production Rates, Cuts, Miles, Speeds! Watch the job’s progress without BEING THERE!

Plunge Cutting Truck Units

  • High production in a low cost vehicle
  • Built to last for years of service.
  • Dynatech has over built this unit
  • To eliminate down time and get

Your job done faster!


All Operator Friendly Controls

  • Distance control alerts you when you are 10ft from cut and then alerts you again when you are on target.
  • Self leveling head will adjust in or out for perfect cut positioning every time.
  • 125 HP John Deere diesel power unit combined with the best heavy duty hydraulic pumps and all commercial grade rebuildable valves
  • Dustless operation with our cyclone vacuum unit and after filters. Large dust hopper is easy to unload and will hold 1000 cuts.